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5 Tips to Adding Color to Your Reception

5 tips on adding color to your receptiontn_PhotoGallery3

We have all considered adding color to our reception with flowers, napkins, and tablecloths, but don’t let your creativity stop there.

1. To add color to the tables, consider renting colorful glassware. Red, blue or green glasses stand out and add a lot of personality to a table. Consider your color scheme and allow the glasses or plates to stand out. For a black and white wedding, you could use red glasses and white plates on a black tablecloth.

2. Ceilings are usually pretty dull, but draping fabric from the ceiling can add a dramatic effect depending on the color you use. Consider draping a few long strips of material along the ceiling to create depth to the room. Use a bright color to accent the fun side of the reception or a champagne or off-white fabric to keep it classy.

3. Printed table runners can be a great way to bring your tables to life. What would your reception look like with a printed table runner running down the center?

4. Use paper to add some interest without spending a lot of money. You can hang different sizes or colors of paper lanterns from the ceiling to showcase the dance floor. Paper pin wheels or origami can be perfect for an informal wedding. Color favor boxes can also help bring color to the table.

5. Add color to boring chairs by adding colorful sashes or ribbons to the backs of chairs. You can also purchase chair cushions to add color and comfort for your guests.

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