Food That Takes You Anywhere In the World (Delivered Right To Your Plate)

Looking to explore some new and exotic flavours? Why not take a tour of some of the best destinations that are renowned for their culinary wonders through our five-star menus designed by our Executive Chef. Whether you need a breakfast buffet for your corporate meeting or a lavish three-course meal for your wedding, our menus offer delectable food that takes you anywhere in the world, delivered right to your plate. Check out a few of our favourite diverse options that will deliver a quality culinary experience for any occasion.


If you love the vibrant flavours of India, our fragrant and spicy Indian dishes are made hot and fresh and are guaranteed to impress. Enjoy our chef’s traditional vegetarian samosas served with tamarind sauce, followed by our delicious curried lentil soup and cucumber chickpea yogurt salad. For the main, enjoy tender, creamy butter chicken, freshly baked naan, lentil and spinach ragout, and cinnamon and cardamom-scented basmati rice.


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5 Events That are Better When Catered

It doesn’t matter what the occasion is – wedding, family reunion, corporate gala, workshop, 90th birthday celebration – when you’re playing host, you want every aspect of the occasion to be memorable for the right reasons. And, having an event catered means that you can cut back on the stress and instead sit back, relax, and allow us to take care of everything for you. So when you’re gearing up for an upcoming occasion, here is just a sample of events that are always better when catered.

Corporate Events

When planning a corporate gathering or client event, there are a lot of moving parts that you need to think about to ensure the event goes smoothly. You need to find a flexible space that can accommodate all your requirements along with incredible food and beverage options to appease your clients. Also, having equipment on site and ready to go is a huge bonus, such as audio/visual equipment, a large screen projectors, microphones, decorations, and much more.


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Engage Your Employees With Our Corporate Catering Services

When it comes to hosting corporate events, you need a menu that can appease all tastes and palettes. Whether it’s a catered breakfast, lunch, or dinner, we offer a wide variety of items through our corporate catering services that are fresh, tasty and exactly what you need for any professional setting. Take a look at a few of the most popular items that we serve up at Centurion Conference and Event Center.


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A Look at Our Wedding Catering Packages

When you’re planning a wedding, you shouldn’t forget that people are just as focused on the food and presentation as they are on the bride and groom. That’s why the menu can make all the difference in whether the event is a huge success or not. Whether you prefer formal and traditional or trendy and casual, our wedding catering packages at Centurion Conference and Event Center will offer just what you need to create the experience you’ve been envisioning for years.


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5 Things to Look for In Your Next Caterer

When you’re in charge of organizing an event, having it run smoothly and successfully is essential – especially when your reputation’s on the line. One of the most crucial factors in determining that success comes down to the food and service. Whether it’s a work event, a fundraiser, a bar mitzvah, your wedding, family reunion, or any other memorable occasion, let’s face it – the food is usually the main attraction. That’s why few things are as important as the quality of your caterer. So, your decision shouldn’t be taken lightly. To help make this process easier for you, here are a few things to look out for in your next caterer.


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5 Popular Catering Trends for 2018

Looking for something to make your event that much more memorable? Want to know what has everyone excited in the catering industry this year? Look no further – read on to discover the top five catering trends for 2018 right here.


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