5 Things to Look for In Your Next Caterer

When you’re in charge of organizing an event, having it run smoothly and successfully is essential – especially when your reputation’s on the line. One of the most crucial factors in determining that success comes down to the food and service. Whether it’s a work event, a fundraiser, a bar mitzvah, your wedding, family reunion, or any other memorable occasion, let’s face it – the food is usually the main attraction. That’s why few things are as important as the quality of your caterer. So, your decision shouldn’t be taken lightly. To help make this process easier for you, here are a few things to look out for in your next caterer.


How Responsive are They to Your Needs?

When you’re out hunting for the best caterer to handle the job, one of the critical things to look out for is their level of responsiveness when discussing what you need from them. Are they hesitant when you ask if they can handle an event of epic proportions? Are they stumbling with their answers? The first initial dialogue with a catering company can highlight a lot about how serious and committed they are to providing a top-tiered level of service for your event. So pay attention to your conversation with them. If they seem in any uninterested or hesitant in their answers, keep looking.

Are They Asking You Questions?

Every single event is different from the next. And it’s those individual differences that really matter. That’s why any good catering company should be taking the time to get to know each client by asking questions to help understand your needs precisely. Remember, their job is to cater to you. So they should be interested in learning about their clients, along with the theme, the number of attendees, what your budget is, and so forth. If the caterer is engaging in the conversation and getting to know as much about you, your company and the requirements of your event as they can, this is usually indicative that they care about doing a great job.

Do They Offer a Wide Variety of Menu Options?

Whether it’s a corporate event for the holidays, a wedding, or a social gathering with a brunch buffet, a wide range of food options is essential for hosting a successful event. The Executive Chef should be providing updated menu items that cater to a wide range of pallets, including flexible items that are built into the menus for vegetarians. The menu is a priority, so make sure it delivers what you need.

Are They Willing To Provide Tastings?

Anyone can tell you that their food is top quality. But you can only know for sure once you’ve tasted it. In addition to determining quality, sampling allows you to better select items that will be placed on your menu based on their presentation and aroma. You should never feel hesitant about asking for a tasting – this is standard to ask before you sign anything.

What Is Their Reputation Like?

Of course, the reputation of a catering company can really influence your decision. So this is another critical thing to look for in your next caterer. By performing a quick search online, you should be able to see whether they’ve received any special rewards in recognition of their services, along with regular reviews from previous clients.

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  1. Hiring a caterer who has a lot of experience and a staff that specifically deals in events parallel to what you have in your mind, are the ones you should go after.

  2. My friend just got engaged, so she’s been looking for a great caterer for her wedding. I love how you mentioned that she should make sure the caterer is asking her questions, as it shows that they want to make sure they do their job right. Thanks for all the great tips on how to choose a caterer; these will really help my friend out.

  3. I was looking into getting a corporate catering service. It makes a lot of sense that you would want to look into their reputation. This is a great way to make sure that you are picking someone that will go the extra mile for you.

  4. Our daughter is recently engaged and we have ever done wedding planning for our children before. You make a great point when you say that we should ask if the caterer will provide food catering. I want to make sure that I do a great job with the responsibility that my daughter asked me to do. I want to narrow it down to three caters and then let my daughter try their food.

  5. I really like what you said about how people should hire caterers that are flexible enough to offer a vegan menu. My cousin is about to get married next month. The couple is from the city, and they have a lot of vegan friends that are attending the wedding. I will be sure to advise them to go look for caterers that can draw up an amazing vegan menu so they can avoid offending anyone.

  6. I really like that you suggest finding a caterer that will let you taste test the food before you decide to hire them. My sister is getting married and wants to make sure she has the best food possible. I’ll have to look into finding the best catering services in our area for her.

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  8. A good friend o mine has been looking for an event catering service. She wants to make sure that she is finding the perfect one for her event. Picking someone that is willing to provide tastings is a great service.

  9. Reading this article gave me vast knowledge.View of both catering service provider and customers.
    This blog was very helpful for me .
    Thank for sharing these tips.

  10. As choosing the catering company you should look at different things like what is their reputation in the market is the main important thing to look at. You can simply look by browsing the internet as it is the best source of getting the reviews from different people who have previous taken their services.

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